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PATEL MEDICAL STORE, the retailing medicines pharmacy, started by son of a farmer, with very scare resource in a remote location. It has grown to one of the most reputed banner in Bhavnagar, during the large span of 37 years. of vigorous efforts and constant dedication. We are commited to improve the life of people in the district of Bhavnagar and surrounding region. We have been catering to the need of health of the people.

PATEL MEDICAL STORE has more than 5000 dedicted regular customers, they have enforced their trust in us, through the generations. We helps to bring smile on the faces of patients,with help of large range of products. We have more then 19000 items in stock.

We have been trying to provide thorough guidance about medicines, precautions to avoid ailments, diseases, explanation of popular made believed thoughts about lifestyle related diseases among the people.

We offer widest range of medicines, personal care products, hygiene products and home care products too.

We are known for the rapid execution of orders and honouring the prescriptions. Not only the doctors from the city but even leading consultants from surrounding cities, have been trusting us for appropriate medicines to hounour their prescriptions.

With the change of time and traditions, we have been adopting innovations and trying to meet the demands of the people with our experiences and knowledge. We have been constantly improving our methods of work to satisfy our esteemed customers and patients.

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Online prescription from doctors and sales of medicines are our future projects.


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